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About Me :

       My name is Kimi, & I am a junior in high school and a self-taught artist who lives in Lenexa, Kansas.  As you have seen on my website, I specialize in multiple media of art,  more so with ink pens and watercolors for my traditional fine art services. Though, I would love to explore more with oil paints, photography, and charcoal.


    I was born in the Philippines, but my whole life I've grown up in America. Growing up, I developed a lot of love for Disney movies which has led me to have an optimistic perspective in life and constantly use my imagination, especially in the arts. Since I was little I have often been praised for my drawing skills, but it wasn't until middle school when I won my school district's art contest that I decided I wanted to take art seriously. I've decided that no matter what career or outlook on life I pursue in the future, I'd always maintain the importance of art to me in my life. 

     I gradually applied art in various aspects of my life from high school up to today. I joined and won third place in a competition for a local art museum, joined a National Art Honors Society club, and even befriended multiple digital artists around my age outside my home state online that share the same interests as I that are in and outside the field of art. Furthermore, I have also trained myself in other media of art aside from inks, like watercolors, oil paints, charcoal, and graphic design, which I'd love to incorporate more in my business in the future.




Kimi; entrepreneur, artist, and web designer of KimArts KC
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