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"Who?" KimArt's Oil Painting Print
"Eye of the Beholder" KimArt's Ink Print Collection
"Night in Shining Armor" KimArt's Ink Collection Print
"Eye of the Beholder" Ink Collection Print
"Night in Shining Armor" KimArts Ink Collection
"Urban" KimArts Ink Collection
"Tea Time" KimArts Ink Collection
"Shady" KimArts Ink Collection
"Real Dream" KimArts Ink Collection

Take a look at my Signature fine arts service collection.

New Ink Shop!

    Traditional fine art designs in my latest ink collection. It consists of my very own hand-drawn sketches of people and portraits with the use of ink and ballpoint pens.

What's on your mind?

KimArt's KC Ink Print Collection

Ink Collection

My website's speciality. Feast your eyes on the combinations of black  and colored ink, along with a dust of charcoal.

KimArts KC's Paint/ Photography Print Collection

Paint / Photography Collection

My paintings and photographs. Give your space a splash of colors with paintings of oil and watercolors, or choose to take a look at the world with a different lens.

KimArts KC's Merch Collection

Merch Collection

Don't just limit art on your walls and furniture. Wear artistic apparel with you wherever you go.

Submit your commission here in my mailbox! It would help me a lot if you included details like:

  • Print size

  • Art media preference 

  • What product you'd like the print to go on (T-shirt, bag, water bottle, etc.)

  • Your best description of your desired piece (the more detail, the more accurate I can make it!) 

                     *Note: If there's a specific character or picture you want me to redraw, please send a picture I can use for reference; it would really help!​

  • Any extra information you'd like to add on or feedback

Thanks for submitting!

Want a custom piece?


Lenexa, Kansas 66215

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